Choosing a Career

Choosing a Career

"You couldn't find a more perfect individual to guide you through your career and self-investigation process than Elizabeth! When talking and meeting with her you can't help but admire her ease at conversation and her ability to make you feel comfortable. From the first phone consultation, you have the feeling you are in good hands. The exercises and information provided by Elizabeth are a great way to gain some perspective about yourself and your work situation. Unless we have the guidance and structure of a well-developed program, many of us will never discover the tools or take the time to reflect on how our environment, skills, and values all contribute to our experiences with work. Because work makes up the majority of our adult lives, you owe it to yourself to check out her programs!"  ~Anne R., Project Coordinator


If you’d like to switch careers, but you’re not sure what to do next, or if you’ve narrowed down your options but would like confirmation that you’re on the right path, you could benefit from career counseling.

Elizabeth Craig, who is an expert in career strategies and career development, offers the following phases of career counseling:

  • Passion And Purpose - You can’t get “there” until you identify where “there” is. What gets you up in the morning and keeps you excited throughout the day? Elizabeth can help you uncover your passion and purpose and match that energy to a new career.

  • Career Exploration - In years past, the average person would participate in three to five careers in a lifetime. Today, experts estimate that number has risen to seven to eleven. Elizabeth can work with you one-on-one (in person or by phone) to discuss your ideas for a new career and how your life skills, experience, and interests will transfer to a new field. She also can give you pointers for how to properly conduct research interviews (also known as “informational interviews”) so that you glean the most relevant information.

  • Career Assessments/Career Tests - Elizabeth uses a leading-edge, online career assessment that identifies your skills, values, and temperament and matches you with different career fields. Already have a career in mind? The career assessment test can also compare your career choices to your inherent strengths.

  • Career Strategies - Elizabeth is a master career strategist, gifted at seeing the best course and direction to take once you’ve settled on your desired career. What’s the fastest path to success? She’ll help you find it and start down it.

  • Career Connections - Elizabeth can help steer you in the right direction toward whatever resources you need to make inroads into your new career, whether it’s a school or accreditation program, or a networking group or professional organization.

  • Career Network - Networking in today’s job markets is taking place through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, e-mails, and networking sites on the Internet. Elizabeth can share the latest, most effective job search strategies – both online and offline.


Elizabeth provides private career coaching and consultations, career counseling, career tests and assessments, workshops, classes, presentations on job search strategies, and career planning for clients all across the globe.

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