Finding a Job

Finding a Job

“I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth while I was participating in a seminar where she was the keynote presenter. I have never been so caught up in listening to every comment that she made. Elizabeth is an amazing professional and worthy to be emulated. Not surprisingly, her strongest attributes and achievements are in her avid demonstration of her proficiency in articulating the best of the best career advice. She is a terrific coach and mentor and I truly appreciate her charming persuasion in preparing all of us to meet our professional career objectives. I highly recommend Elizabeth to both organizations and individuals who want to thrive beyond their expectations.” ~ Ima P., E-Commerce


Looking for a job can be a lonely, challenging experience. Whether you’re searching for work in your current field or forging a new career path, the process is easier if you have support along the way.

Elizabeth Craig, who has more than 25 years experience in career counseling, can help you focus your enthusiasm and efforts, which can save you hundreds of hours when you’re making a career transition or looking for a job. She offers the following career development assistance:

  • Confidence Building – If you’re anxious about changing careers and/or looking for a job, you’re not unusual. Many people feel afraid when they reach an important career crossroad, and one of Elizabeth’s greatest strengths is her encouragement. She can help you identify your skills, ability, and desire so that you can channel your energies in the right direction.

  • Action Steps – Switching careers or finding a job can sometimes seem as complex, time-consuming, and daunting as a job itself. Elizabeth can work with you to break your large goals into small, manageable action steps that you can take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Coaching Support – Throughout the entire career transition and job search transition, Elizabeth offers support and coaching to help keep you on track.

  • Job Searches – Job search strategies today are changing rapidly, almost daily! Elizabeth can help you narrow down your job search efforts, in a way that produces the fastest, best results. For example, she can provide direct links to online job search boards, which will allow you to spend 70% less time than if you tried to navigate on your own.

  • Resume Writing – Elizabeth has taken advanced courses in today’s resume writing strategies and can teach you the latest tactics for wording, formatting, and organization of information, helping ensure that your resume stands out.

  • Interview Prep – Once you land an interview, you’re one step closer to landing the job. Elizabeth can help you prepare for job interviews so that you give yourself the best chance of impressing potential employers.

  • Salary Negotiations – You’ve been offered the job…now what? Salary negotiations are a delicate part of the job search process, and Elizabeth can offer expert advice so that you command what you’re worth, without appearing too demanding or too desperate.

  • Career Assessments/Career Tests – Elizabeth uses an up-to-date, online career assessment test that identifies your skills, values, and temperament and matches you with different career fields. As importantly, Elizabeth uses her “real-world” experience – 26 years in the career counseling field – to interpret the results of the career assessments and career tests as they apply to your life and your purpose.


Elizabeth provides private career coaching and consultations, career counseling, career tests and assessments, workshops, classes, presentations on job search strategies, and career planning for clients all across the globe.

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